Machines for the production of pellets and briquettes

Eurotech Company Ltd

Eurotech Company Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of machines for pellets and briquettes, they specialize in the production and processing of agricultural produce, Timber, straw, alfalfa, lavender, sunflower etc. The machines cover all phases of pellet and briquette production from preliminary preparation such as crushing and drying to granulation, cooling, package and all necessary auxiliary equipment.

We serve the woodworking industry, the companies working in the field of agriculture, feed production, the food industry.

About us

We are a reliable and fair manufacturer of pellet machines, briquettes and packaging equipment for food and non-food goods. You can get professionalism from us, trusted team, professional approach.

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We have built production lines throughout the country for the production of pellets and briquettes with a capacity of 1t/h - 2t/h

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