DOU – 37

Wood crushing machine

Drum type wood crushing machine intended for crushing pieces of wood, furniture waste, chipboard, etc. The size of the wood chips is determined by the sieve. Professional solution for small pellet production.

The chipper produces quality calibrated chips with a capacity of up to 1 tone per hour and the chips is with a size of 5 – 10 mm. The size of the chips is determined by the size of the sieve and rate speed feeding of the material to the blades. The minimum space from the rollers to the knives allows you to crush wood cuttings with a length of 20 cm. At the customer’s request, feed rate and sieve size can be set during the manufacturing of the machine. The eight knives allow the machine to chop any type of wood (round, flat, etc.) up to 12 cm in diameter and up to 30 cm wide. This allows each customer to maximize the effect of the crushing process and to obtain the most suitable chips size.

  • 1 - outlet

  • 2 - rotor

  • 3 - upper feeder

  • 4 - carcass

  • 5 - transportation belt

  • 6 - lower feeder

  • 7 - sieve

DOU – 37

Technical specifications

Capacity m³/hour
Chip’s size 15 – 35 mm10
Chip’s size 5 – 10 mm5
Chip’s size 2 – 3 mm1,6
Diameter of rotor, mm425
Rotor speed per minute 550 – 1470
Number of knives8
Power of an electric motor, kWОт 37
Feed rate m/s0,25 – 0,75
Feeding mechanismВалов механизъм
Dimensions, mm
Maximum size of waste, mm
Diameter 120
Weight, kg1500

DOU – 37


The machine is also equipped with::

  • Shock system.

Designed to prevent overloading of the motor. Upon overloading, the system stops delivering raw material to the blades. After the sieve has been cleared, the feed is restored.

  • Adjustment of the Chips size and crushing productivityIn case the customer needs chips of different sizes, a material feed inverter is installed. When changing speed rate of feeding raw material to blades, the chips size and the crushing productivity change. When installing this system, the customer has the option of choosing chip size and crushing productivity by himself. It can get a smaller flow with a shorter and smaller chips and can get a maximum flow with a bigger chips.