Pellet production line up to 2000 kg/hour

Intended for pelletizing the crushed and dried to the required values all types of biomass: wood, straw, Lucerne, sunflower, etc. It is also intended for the production of all types of animal fodder granules. The pelletizing process is accomplished by continuously running the pressurized raw material through the die, resulting the formation of a solid and stable pellet or granule. No chemical additives are used in this process for additional soldering. The formed pellets or granules are immediately sieved and cooled in the line and ready for packaging.

Technical specifications

Capacity, kg/hour1500 – 2000
Size of the raw material (before drying) in mm10 – 30
Length, mm42 930
Width, mm4 000
Height, mm9 750
Weight, kg21 000